Menstrual Cup Reusable Flexible Silicone Period



Size (S): 45 mm in diameter (recommended for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to the age of 25 years) 
Size (L): 48 mm in diameter(recommended for women who have given birth to a child or women are over the age of 25 years)

About the product


At last, a product that you can use and forget about, for at least 6-12 hours (day and night). Why? Because, it gives 100% leak free protection so you do not need to panic about embarrassing accidents. It's also sensation free, so you won't even feel it inside!


There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go swimming, take a spin class, a long flight, or juggle a busy day a work, just because you're on your period. With the Allure Menstrual cup, you can do all of the above and more!


 You'll be pleasantly surprised to know that, it's not about size. It's the clever shape and design and the super soft silicon material that makes these menstrual cups so easy to use and wear. What's more, they are perfect for young girls and women both pre and post child birth.


We truly want you to enjoy a better menstruation experience. After 60 days, if you do not love it, we'll fully refund you, no questions asked and no returns needed but we hope you'll love it.

 You can sleep well, knowing your health is being taken care of. The cups are latex-free, made from the highest-grade silicone and are FDA / CE approved and hypoallergenic. They are reusable, lasting 3-5 years and easy to wash and maintain. And, compared to tampons and disposable napkins they're healthier for you and the planet. The only risk you have, is not trying one!

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