What size derma roller do I need?

What size derma roller do I need? 

When referring to what size derma roller this is not the gauge or the thickness of the needle, it is purely about the different needle lengths, as derma rollers come in a variety of lengths.

 A Derma roller or a roller similar to this is and often called a Skin Needling Roller or a Collagen Induction System - a small roller with a group of very tiny needles attached to the end.  These rollers have two primary focuses - the first is to increase trans-dermal absorption or absorption of anti-aging or cosmetic or pharmaceutical - in some cases, or natural products through the skin. The second major use is to increase collagen induction under the skin and obtained their reputation for their incredible anti-aging properties, their ability to treat scars, etc., mainly through their collagen induction activities. 

0.25mm Derma rollers

The smallest and shortest roller available on the market is usually 0.25mm rollers. These Derma Rollers are effective for absorption of products through the skin but it is known now that they are definitely not long enough to induce collagen in any way and they are not particularly effective.

 0.5mm Derma roller

These are the smallest needle lengths that will actually induce collagen.  They will also of course increase trans-dermal absorption so they are very effective for both treatments. Generally, you need to use the smallest needle length you can to achieve the results you require,  the simple reason is because it is painful, unnecessary and uncomfortable to use longer needles and you will not continue with the treatment. Therefore, for all general anti-aging purposes across the face a 0.5mm roller is all you need at home to achieve results if your primary treatment is anti-aging and just improvement of the facial texture.

 0.75mm Derma Roller

This Needle size is a good transitional size for your skin to get used to longer micro-needles before moving on to 1.0mm if necessary. 

 1.0mm Derma roller

1.0mm is generally recommend for treatment of hair loss. The reason a 1.0mm is used, as opposed to a 0.5mm roller for hair loss, is because the hair actually forms a padding across the head and limits, to some degree, how deeply the needles penetrate. In some cases, if people have particularly long thick hair a 1.5mm is often better. The other reason that you will often use a 1.0mm derma roller, as opposed to a 0.5mm, is for pigmentation problems, age spots, etc.  Regarding pigmentation problems, this is general pigmentation problems, not pigmentation problems which are often caused by auto immune disease, etc. 

1.5mm Derma roller

The next popular needle length is the treatments being offered in certain cosmetic clinics for around $400 per treatment and currently being done with the 1.5mm Derma roller needles across the face. This is because you are using a 1.5mm in a clinical environment in a very aggressive manner on the skin and it is not a very effective treatment.  There are good reasons, however, to use a 1.5mm derma roller in certain situations. The three primary reasons we recommend them are for scarring, stretch marks and cellulite.  In these particular instances, because there is such a build-up of the matrix of fibres in the area, you really need to penetrate those to break those fibres up. The 1.5mm roller should not be used on the face, as this can be painful and not recommended for facial scars

2mm and 2.5mm Derma roller

These Derma rollers are not recommended for home use as they are generally used for burn scars and not for anti-aging.