Allure Derma Pen Microneedling Kit Wireless & Rechargable



With Complimentary

Spare Battery & Needles Cartriges


ALLURE DERMA PEN is a premium quality derma pen which has gained a reputation for being one of the best on the market.

If you are looking for high quality and long-lasting derma pen, then ALLURE DERMA PEN is your best choice! All pens are sterilized and assembled with extreme care, with medical grade TITANIUM needles.

What makes our Derma Pen Micro-Needling Better for Hair Regrowth?

Derma Pen Micro-Needling Device uses a disposable 12 -24 micro-needle cartridge and enables you to adjust depth and speed of the device depending on the application and area being treated. The Derma Pen Micro-needling device provides superior treatment over the alternative of a derma roller. As the micro-needles make small punctures into the region of the scalp where hair loss occurs, the body begins to respond by producing growth factors. These growth factors are a natural part of healing in all of us.

What appears to happen according some of the latest research is that the combination of these growth factors along with a twice per day application of Minoxidil 5% of greater, the body will see much more hair growth over just Minoxidil treatment alone.

How many times can I use each tip?

The Dermapen needle tip is designed to be disposable and for are for a single-use only, to prevent cross-contamination and infection. The Dermapen needle tip cannot be properly decontaminated due to the materials used in the construction of the needle tip cartridge itself. We strongly recommend against re-using needle tip cartridges, as patient safety is of paramount importance.


Charging the battery: Make sure that you have charged the Derma Pen for at least 1 hour.


Take out needle cartridge from the sterilized packaging

Fit the needle cartridge into the round cartridge slot of the derma pen

Lock the cartridge by turning it clockwise.

Adjustment of the needle length should be done after turning on the device

To remove the needle cartridge, turn it counter clockwise and pull it out

Adjustment of speed and needle length

ON / OFF & Adjustment of speed

To power on the device simply press and hold the button for 2 seconds and a red LED light will turn on. The speed of the needles can be adjusted by pressing the button again for a total of 5 times for the varying speed levels.

Adjustment of needle length: 

You can adjust the length of the needles by turning the desired length from 0.25mm to 2.5mm.


The Derma Pen should be held securely and allowed to glide over the skin without exerting excesive pressure, and without hastily gliding over the skin.



Gliding the Derma Pen over the skin too fast, and with too much pressure, may cause scratching, damage and scarring.

Disposable needle cartridges are provided in sterile sealed packs, and should not be re-used.

Do not use on irritated / infected skin e.g. active acne, rosacea, eczema etc

Should only be used on scars that have fully healed

The same derma roller should not be used by more than one person

If you are unsure if your skin condition is suitable for use of a microneedle, please consult your doctor

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