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Derma Roller Hair Growth Promoter 192 Real Inserted Titanium Micro Needles Baldness Treatment



Allure Derma Roller is the preferred choice for those seeking a product of exceptional quality that will last. Meticulously constructed with 192 individually inserted medical-grade real titanium micro needles (not needles made from metal discs) ensures superior sanitation.

Which needle length derma roller is right for me?

When referring to what size derma roller this is not the gauge or the thickness of the needle, it is purely about the different needle lengths, as derma rollers come in a variety of lengths.

 0.5mm Derma roller

For optimal results, use smallest 0.5mm needles to induce collagen and increase trans-dermal absorption. Longer needles are painful and unnecessary. Start with 0.5mm for completely bald spots and spots with very fine hair. Gradually increase to 1.0mm if needed.

 1.0mm Derma roller

1.0mm derma rollers are typically recommended for treating hair loss. These larger needles can penetrate the scalp more easily due to the cushioning effect of existing hair, which can reduce the efficacy of smaller 0.5mm rollers.

1.5mm Derma roller

If people have particularly long thick and coarse hair a 1.5mm is often recommend if 1.0mm not producing desired results. 

When you use ALLURE DERMA ROLLER for the first time, you will get it out of a vacuum-packed sterile bag in a protective stowaway case.   Wash thoroughly your hands and face before the procedure, rub well all areas to remove bacteria.

Cleaning Derma Roller

Wash thoroughly your derma roller unit, with water and soap. Brush away any residual debris after using it. Then soak about 5-8 minutes with 70- 99% alcohol, or use ultraviolet to disinfect for about 45 minutes. You can also use a cold steriliser like Clorexhidine solution. 

To use a derma roller for hair regrowth, focus on the scalp. Run the roller across the scalp in multiple directions: horizontally, vertically, and diagonally — in that order. Press down firmly enough so you feel some pressure, but not hard enough to where you feel pain. Don't roll over the same area too many times.

Allow an interval of 1-6 weeks ( depending on needle size) between the procedures  to get good results.

PLEASE NOTE: some squeaking  noise is normal during derma rolling and doesn't effect the treatment. Please apply a small drop of any lubricant/oil.

What not to use to clean/disinfect your derma roller

Dettol/Methylated spirits : This product will remove the silver coating from the derma roller handle.

Boiling water/an autoclave: Exposure to high temperatures can damage the needles of your derma roller.

Milton Sterilising Fluid: This product is not intended for use on metal and will corrode the needles of your derma roller.

Bleach:   Because the derma roller is used on your skin, harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided.   


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