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Eyelash Eyebrows Growth Rejuvenate Treatment Serum


This product has worked as evidenced by more and more repeat customers. Keep in mind there is NO overnight lash growth miracle.  Lash growth takes time, and each person has a different time frame for their hair growth. Even the well-known Latisse treatment ($120 a bottle/ a 1 month supply) states that it takes 16 weeks to see optimal results.  With our product,  we recommend the use of one bottle of serum before a good, optimal result, and continued use to maintain lash growth. One bottle usually last about 3 months.

Thicken and increase natural lash hair Safe for sensitive eyes
Safer than extensions Directions : Apply lash twice a day. 
Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle upward. 
Can be used on eyebrows too! You can apply mascara over this serum if you want.
 It's actually a good primer and conditioner before mascara, it makes it easy and smooth to apply. 
You only need to apply a thin layer of serum and wait a little bit for it to dry, then apply mascara over this. 
I also use it as a brow gel in emergencies, when my normal one runs out.

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